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The official music video for FUEL is OUT NOW! Here's a little more about this unique song & film project:


"The official Music Video for FUEL, from the forthcoming album from Ayesha is coming this friday. The 'weird kid' on the New Album, that begged for it's own mini-movie gothic horror story. Written, directed, filmed & edited by Ayesha, FUEL is a gothic tale of love, lust & revenge. A twisted fairytale of sorts, and Ayesha's most ambitious filming project to date. With thanks to an incredible location, and a wonderful cast, it is a stylish gothic fantasy brought to life. A short film that provides a powerful backdrop to a unique song.


With undeniable roots in Americana & Country, the new album from Ayesha ventures boldly beyond, and FUEL certainly illustrates that the new album promises to be full of surprises.


Nerys Clark is the beautiful cellist on this latest track from the forthcoming album, and also stars in the music video as the tortured Josephine, the lady of the house: her heart and mind is haunted by her husbands infidelity and the ghost of history repeating....


Fuel itself is a song about self empowerment. Rising from the ashes of a costly relationship, and discovering that fuelling your own fire is ultimately the best revenge. Look after yourself. Let your success haunt your ex..."  Stay tuned. Let the haunting begin...

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Whilst filming for the FUEL music video Ayesha became inspired to edit the video as a short film in it's own right.

"The location was incredible, and the actors were so great... we thought, what the hell- lets make a film!"


A directoral debut for Ayesha, she was so thrilled that it did well in a few of last years film festivals. Watch the short film behind the music video for FUEL below.


Check out the behind the scenes pictures here:

New Album Coming Soon...


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Ayesha's music video release for THE SALT IN MY TEARS recieved praise & was broadcast on Phil Macks Country show on Freeview & SKY last month. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out!


Filmed in half a day, the video is a sparse & intimate look at what happens when your battle scars threaten your future happiness. When you yearn to learn how to trust a new love... Featuring the talented Travis Booth Millard, and shot on the weathered boards of an old theatre stage, check it out above.

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" I think a lot of people might be surprised to know that pretty much everything you see and hear has been done entirely in-house.  I think that more and more artists are embracing every aspect of their industry now, more than ever before. You want a website? You'd better learn to build one. You want a music video? You'd better learn to shoot and edit one. You want to put on an event? You'd better figure out how to market the heck out of it. And so on...


All independents would love the luxury of a helping hand now and then, but sometimes, it just isn't there. And what do you do? You don't give up! That's why I took to filming and editing my own content. It's been a humbling, fun journey- and who better to tell the stories of my songs than me?


The new album has been a steep learning curve, because I was determined to bring these songs to life in every sense of the word. Every song is different. Every song demonstrates a different part of a womans heart. From the jilted & love lorn, to the lustful & vengeful. Women are vast and complicated creatures. Expressing themselves more sincerely and assertively than ever before. I'm no different.


On this project I wanted to acknowledge my flaws as well as my attributes, and just be completely, unashamedly myself.  I hope it inspires other artists to to the same.


I am striving not be too concerned by genre labels, and sterotypes, as I feel it can lead an aritist to make safe choices and possibly make bland music that runs the risk of sounding like everything else.


To that end, I made the album that I wanted to make, that falls somewhere between the cracks of Country, Rock, Pop & Blues. For me, that's where the stuff that's daring to be different normally lies.

On the outskirts."

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SLIDE is a large slice of Blueberry Country Punk Pop, with a delicious side of fun.


"My last couple of video's have been so serious, and dramatic. SLIDE, whilst still my usual brand of love stung Country lyrics, is a lighter look at heartbreak. The video is random, and fun. I was determined not to take myself too seriously. And you certainly can't, when your co-star is a Boston Terrier that is way cuter than you!


But it all means something. The song is about wanting what you don't have. And gearing up to move on and get it.


The video is the cheapest I've filmed, to date. Starring my sisters dog MILO, and a whole heap of random fun things that I edited together to tell the story of love gone wrong, with a sense of humour."


Check out SLIDE on YOUTUBE: Don't forget to subscibe!